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3 Fast 3 Furious

The Street Speed Mini-Con Team are among the speediest racers around. They specialize in reconnaissance missions and any jobs involving a speedy getaway.

The Street Speed Team member are:

Japanese Cybertron name: Auto Microns



  • Street Speed Mini-Con Team (Basic, 2003)
Japanese ID number: MM-06
  • Silverbolt and Turbo with Speed Micron
Japanese ID number: MS-05


  • Street Speed Mini-Con Team (Basic-class, 2005)
Japanese ID number: GC-08


A redeco of the Team was planned to be released as part of a “refresh” version of the Street Speed Team in Armada. The coloration of the Team was a “one-off” of the Takara Overdrive Edition version, with each toy’s main color shifted over to another one.

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