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Ratchet injects himself with the Synthetic Energon, which at first seems beneficial, but soon becomes aggressive & departs the Autobots to face Megatron.


After the events of T.M.I, Ratchet has been trying to develop Synthetic Energon. It seems promising, but he has yet to conduct trials on Sentient machines. Badly wanting to be of more help to the Autobots, Ratchet decides to test out Synthetic Energon on himself. He gains considerable engine efficiency in the form of greater speed and strength.

He rescues Arcee from being eliminated by the Vehicons, while the Autobots were chasing Knockout and Breakdown for stolen Energon cubes. Ratchet again goes into another battle, but this time he tortures a Decepticon miner (servant class). Because of this, Optimus realizes Ratchet's behavior has changed negatively from the Synthetic Energon. Ratchet encourages the others to try what he calls "Synth-En", but they are doubtful.

Ratchet refuses to listen to Optimus any further and goes to find and kill Megatron. Just when Megatron is angry at Knockout for failing to discover a fresh Energon source, Ratchet defeats Breakdown and punches Megatron in the face. He aims to punch again, but has overestimated his new abilities, and Megatron rips him open.

Ratchet collapses, leaking a great deal of Synthetic Energon, and Megatron is amused at how Synthetic Energon can do so much for an old dog like Ratchet. He orders Knock Out to take a sample, but Ratchet destroys the container to keep Megatron from getting hold of it.

Furious, the Decepticons leave Ratchet to bleed to death, but he is found by his friends and restored to full health, having bled out the Synth-En. He agrees that Synth-En still needs to be fine-tuned, and tested only on non-sentient machines.

Back at the site, Knock Out finds a drop of Synth-En, and takes it as a sample, meaning it is likely we may see Synth-En return.

Transformers references

  • This episode references the Beast Wars episode Gorilla Warfare, where Optimus Primal becomes hyper-aggressive just like Ratchet did.

Real-world references

  • The scene where Megatron and Ratchet battle is a parody of a scene in the John Steinbeck novel Of Mice & Men. Ratchet punches Megatron in the face causing Megatron to leak Energon, then Megatron strangles Ratchet's arm by holding his fist. This is an allusion to where the characters Curley & Lennie had done the same.
  • While "Stronger, Faster" is definitely a Very Special Episode discouraging drug use, Synth-En's side effects are much more specific to the side effects of performance-enhancing steroids.

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