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Su Yueming is the Factory Manager of the Hong Kong KSI Facility. She is also skilled in matial arts and is very strict on getting the job done. Even when it comes to Joshua Joyce being funny or seeing her as the woman he loves.


Actress: Li Bing Bing

Su Yueming And Her Buisness Partners Joshua Joyce and Darcy Tyril Escape To Hong Kong Joshua Tells them that His Other partners gave him a bomb. After They Made It to Hong Kong Darcy will make a diversion. Su Buys A Motorcycle and tells Joshua That she wants a Raise. Joshua Gets to an elevator 2 of his partners find him in the elevator they tell him to come with him But Su sees them and fight them Joshua is about to kiss her but she tells Joshua to get to the Roof.

Su Returns To Joshua and he asks if she misses him and Su Says "No".

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