The Super Energon Temple is a location in the Energon portion of the animated Unicron Trilogy continuity family.
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The Super Energon Temple or Super Energon Shrine is an ancient Energon temple far below Cybertron where Bruticus Maximus, Constructicon Maximus, Superion Maximus and an unnamed other stand guard over a giant pool of Super Energon.

On its ceiling is a large circular mural chronicling the battles between the Autobots and Decepticons in Cybertron's past, with both sides reaching towards a shimmering orb of Super Energon in the centre: an artistic interpretation of Primus's great intention for Super Energon to be "the future" of the unified Transformer race.


Energon (series)

After Unicron's body was destroyed by Optimus Supreme, his consciousness fled into Megatron's body and subconsciously directed him to the Temple, so that he could use the Super Energon to engineer his rebirth. In the midst of an attack on Cybertron, Megatron broke off on his own with a group of Terrorcons, driven to seek out this hidden shrine for reasons he knew not. Passing a false door and a plunge of faith, Megatron found himself in a room surrounded by four immobile (possibly resting) warriors stationed on each position of a compass rose. Dismissing the warriors as fools for wasting their lives merely standing guard, he opened fire on one of the figures (Superion Maximus' brother) thus destroying it, and cried out for the power he had been sent to find to show itself. The Super Energon surged with light, and the remaining three figures returned to life, to find Megatron informing them that he was now their master. Ambition Superion Maximus refuted this notion, claiming that Super Energon was for all Transformers, but when Megatron plunged himself into the reservoir and emerged as Galvatron, Constructicon and Bruticus Maximus recognized him as a true Decepticon and swore fealty to him. Galvatron promptly summoned his most loyal subordinate, Starscream, to the Temple, where he too underwent a Super Energon power boost. Wishes

As part of his plan, Unicron later had Galvatron return to the Temple and immerse himself in Super Energon once more, this time causing him to grow to planetary size. Galvatron Terror


Some select detail view of the Mural follow.