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One shall stand. One shall fall. Oh...Did you already fall?

Daniel and Wheelie's first team-up! Oh noes!

Detailed synopsisEdit

Spike and the Autobots throw a surprise party for Daniel, but it is interrupted by an attack from the Combaticons. Wheelie gets caught in the crossfire and Ultra Magnus throws himself over the boy Autobot to save him from being shot. After hitting the shuttle bay and destroying several ships, the Combaticons retreat. The attack was a coordinated effort by Galvatron to disrupt a peace conference to be hosted on Cybertron the next day.

Daniel and Wheelie want to throw Ultra Magnus a surprise party, but no one knows the date of his creation and it isn’t on file in the Hall of Records. An annoying and clumsy records robot tells them that the information must be stored on the lost Autobot storage asteroid. Daniel and Wheelie steal a garbage ship and head out to find the asteroid and the info. Unbeknownst to them, their movements are being watched by Cyclonus, who evidently doesn’t have anything better to do than spy on garbage ships. Galvatron orders his troops to follow it.

Stuck in a meteor shower, Daniel and Wheelie crash on an asteroid that – surprise! – happens to be the asteroid they were looking for. While they are exploring they are attacked by scaly flying eels and take refuge in a cave, which turns out to be the opening to the records. Inside, robot drones attack them for asking for the wrong file name. To make matters worse, the eels have found their way inside and attach themselves to Wheelie. Just as they are about to be shot by the drones and eaten by the eels, both menaces are destroyed by Cyclonus and the Sweeps, who take the pair hostage and interrogate them.

Cyclonus reprograms the asteroid into a collision course for Cybertron and then sends Spike a message that he’s holding Daniel hostage. The Autobots have two choices: destroy the asteroid and kill Daniel, or let the asteroid hit the planet and kill all the peace delegates.

Ultra Magnus takes Sky Lynx to the asteroid. The Sweeps attack, but Magnus makes short work of them, then heads after Cyclonus. They pound on each other as Wheelie sneaks by and presses the convenient self-destruct button. Cyclonus runs off and the Autobots and Daniel escape in Sky Lynx as the asteroid blows up.

Safe on Cybertron, Daniel explains how they got into this mess, looking for Ultra Magnus’ birthday. Spike declares today as Ultra Magnus’ birthday and his party tonight, Wheelie did not know anything about that before, and he asked to Spike why they made this up all along, and a group of humans of an intergovernmental organization, after hearing Spike's idea, agreed by greeting him a happy birthday and laughed, and Wheelie laughed too, saying "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah, good! Good!".


Original airdate: October 9, 1986

Written by: Steve Mitchell and Barbara Petty

Notable quotesEdit

"Invalid file name! Invalid file name! Invalid file name!"

--The asteroid security drones are pissed over Daniel's use of incorrect syntax.

"You are insolent, earth boy."
"Heh, thanks."

--Cyclonus vs. Daniel Witwicky

"If my superb physique would pass through the tunnels I would join you."
"Forget it."

--Skylynx and Ultra Magnus

"Happy birthday, Ultra Magnus! (laughing)"
"(laughing) Yeah! Yeah! Yeah, good! Good!"

--A group of humans of an intergovernmental organization greeting Ultra Mangus a happy birthday, as Wheelie joins in their laughing.


Animation and/or technical glitchesEdit

Supriseparty 2rodimuses

"Hi, I'm Rodimus, and this is my twin, Not-Optimus"

  • While Daniel and Wheelie are searching for the date that Ultra Magnus was created, a line spoken by Wheelie, complete with distinct sing-song rhyme, comes from Daniel.
  • At some point, two Rodimus Primes (Rodimi?) can be seen guarding the entrance to the Peace Conference.
  • In a few Combaticon shots, Swindle is colored green. Since he's in jeep mode, it makes him look just like Hound!
  • When Ultra Magnus points at Cyclonus through the monitor he has six fingers.
  • When the Combaticons retreat, Bruticus is seen running with them.
  • When Skylynx lands, he only transforms into his lynx component — the other part is gone. He also displays a Decepticon faction symbol instead of the Autobot one.
  • When Wheelie presses the auto-destruct button, the button's tag says "AUTO DESTRUT SEQUENCES". That's two spelling errors in three words!
  • Blaster's head is miscolored while talking to Daniel. Also as Spike enters the room, Blasters mouth is moving but there is no lines being said.
  • The line "Alutra Magnus has been gone too long" is in the voice of Sky Linx, but Wheelies mouth is moving.

Continuity errorsEdit

  • Does the asteroid have an atmosphere? Because Daniel doesn't have a space suit - and neither the vacuum of space nor the lack of oxygen seems to have an effect. Maybe it's part of those superhuman abilities those Witwickys have.

Transformers referencesEdit

  • The lost Autobot Storage Asteroid bears some conceptual similarity to the Underbase from the Marvel comics.

Real-world referencesEdit

  • References


  • First Aid, established to be a pacifist, is shown to be shooting at the Combaticons when they attack the shuttle bay.


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