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Systems refer to a very diverse range of features installed within Transformers. Not all are held by Transformers throughout the multiverse, while others seem to span them. However, some take pleasure in hacking systems.

Types of systemsEdit

Guidance systemsEdit

Guidance systems are basic systems which help with navigation and movement. Ramjet's guidance systems allow him to track Unicron across the multiverse, helping him know wherever his master is.

Propulsion systemsEdit

Propulsion systems are various systems which allow Transformers to achieve flight. Cybertronians have integrated propulsion systems which allow them to fly smoothly through atmosphere and the vacuum of space. Ghosts of Yesterday

Navigational systemsEdit

Navigational systems are the various systems which help a Transformer navigate and locate coordinates. When Archibald Witwicky discovered Megatron, he accidentally activated Megatron's navigational systems, causing Megatron to burn the location of the All Spark into Witwicky's well as blinding Witwicky and driving him insane. Ooops. Transformers

Weapons systemsEdit

Weapons systems are the offensive and defensive capabilities that are employed by a Transformer. They usually take the form of energy weapons, yet they also include missiles launchers, projectile weapons, and melee weapons. With some robots (such as Megatron, Shockwave, and the Seekers) the weapons systems are traditionally integrated into their structures, while others (such as Optimus Prime, Grimlock, Jazz, and Kup) rely on external weapons such as hand-held blasters or blades.

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