The name or term Tailgate refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Tailgate (disambiguation).

Tailgate once worked alongside Arcee on Cybertron.


Prime cartoon

Tailgate (Prime)

Tailgate was Arcee's partner back on Cybertron. When Arcee was captured by Airachnid, Arcee was tortured by Airachnid's finger. Airachnid went and told Arcee that she'll never talk and then brought Tailgate out. Airachnid went and put one of her "spider legs" into his chest. Arcee screamed out his name, but all that is seen is Tailgate's energon on the wall. Predatory



The Cyberverse toy is a simple redeco of Cyberverse Cliffjumper. Coincidentally, Cliffjumper eventually became Arcee's partner.


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