Tailpipe and Pinpoint are Autobots from the Dark of the Moon portion of the Live-Action film continuity family.

Tailpipe and Pinpointer have been partners for ages, and have learned to love roughing it. Teamed up with Sergeant Noble, a soldier who has spent his career in the wildest places on Earth, they make an unstoppable fighting team deep in the trackless wilderness.


  • Sergeant Noble / Tailpipe & Pinpointer (Human Alliance Basic, 2011)
    • Japanese ID number: DA25
    • Accessories: Pinpointer, Sergeant Noble
Tailpipe transforms into a large, Harley Davidson style motorcycle. Pinpointer, his "Target-Master" transforms into a gun turret that can be mounted to the rear of the riders seat. Tailpipe also turns into a "Buzz Saw mode" which fans are calling the "Hedge Trimmer mode". Larger figures can hold him in this mode and Sergeant Noble can ride it.

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