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This article is about the Generation One manga character. For the toy company, see Takara.
Takara is a human baseball player in the Generation One continuity family.


Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformer manga

Takara manga

Takara detects Menasor 's stealthy approach

Takara (first name unknown) is a pitcher at a baseball game that Kenji is attending. Clearly a strategic thinker, Takara is deep in consultation with the catcher about pitching strategies when his finely-honed senses detect Menasor's arrival.

Takara calmly but quickly vacates the field, possibly to watch the ensuing giant robot slugfest from a safer vantage point. Kenji's signal for help results in a rapid escalation when the Protectobots and Superion arrive to fight Menasor, and Bruticus arrives to back him up. This is one double-header Takara will never forget!

As a baseball pitcher, Takara is probably full of wise Zen sayings about curveballs being electrons spinning in the mind of God.

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