The Tanker Truck is a Micromaster Combiner Transport in the Generation One continuity family.

The Tanker Truck is a fuel transport vehicle primarily used to carry out "emergency reinforcements and fuel supplies" whereever and whenever needed. It is commanded by the Autobot Micromaster Combiner duo Pipeline and Gusher, who are fearless warriors, but constantly bicker with each other. The Tanker Truck can transform into a heavily armed battle station as well as into two separate assault vehicles.



Generation One

  • Micromaster Autobot Tanker Truck (1990)
    • Accessories: Pipeline & Gusher Micromasters, trailer, 2 ramps, 2 cannons

The Tanker truck is a blue and white tanker trailer with Micromaster Combiner connection plugs at the front and rear, thus enabling up to two Micromaster Combiners to connect to it. The cannons as well as the ramps can be attached to the sides of the trailer. When transforming, the Tanker Truck can either remain in one piece, forming an armed weapon station with a "drive-through"-road in the middle, or separate into two distinct vehicles, each manned by one Micromaster. It's armament include the 2 cannons as well as a built-in multiple rocket launcher hidden in the front half of the trailer.


  • The toy instruction booklet gives the Tanker Truck an alternate name as "Tanker Transport". Reasons for this are unknown.
  • Where does the oil stay when the Tanker Truck transforms?

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