The name or term Tankor refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Tankor (disambiguation).
Tankor is a Decepticon from Revenge of the Fallen portion of the live-action film continuity family.

Tankor is a mean bot. He crushes the weak under his treads and blast them into atoms with his huge cannon. He has incredible strength, preferring to rip his opponents apart. Though it has to be said, he's a few cogs short of an engine.


IDW comics

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Titan Magazines


At Alamo, San Antonio, Texas, Tankor has taken hostages. N.E.S.T. forces and Springer are trying to get them out alive. Rollbar, Jolt and Dune Runner arrive later. Springer takes off and tries attacking from above as a distraction. Tankor tries in vein to shoot him down. Dirge arrives and launches two missiles at Springer. Springer manages to shot one down, but the other hit his wing, sending him to the ground. Jolt sees Tankor taking aim at Springer, he manages to lasso Tankor's barrel with his Electro whip, pulling it towards Dirge as he's about to fire. The shot rips through Dirge's wing, so he evacuates. The Autobots then take Tankor in to custody, and lock him up with the likes of Breakdown, and Reverb. Rules of Engagement.


  • Tankor (legends, 2009)
Tankor is a blue repaint of Brawl. Like Brawl, he transforms into a heavily modified M1 Abram's tank.


  • In Titan Magazines, Tankor keeps switching colour, from his proper blue colour to Brawl's colour scheme.