Team Prime is a team of Earth bound Autobots led by none other than Optimus Prime himself. Optimus' team consist of himself and his second-in-command (Ultra Magnus), Autobot war veterans (Ratchet, Arcee, Cliffjumper and Bumblebee), Wreckers (Bulkhead and Wheeljack) and an Elite Guard (Smokescreen), all of them are well-known to the Decepticon ranks. They manage to inflict casualties to the Decepticons than their own despite the overwhelming odds. The team reformed as "Beast Hunters" by Optimus after learning the Decepticons plans to create an army of Predacon clones.

The team is divided into smaller teams during missions. "Stealth Team" for covert and infiltration functions primarily consist of Arcee, Bumblebee and Smokescreen, they may include their human partners in various missions. The Wreckers primarily consist of its surviving members and Miko as their honorary Wrecker. Optimus Prime can do solo missions on his owns and Ratchet as a medic stays in their base.

The team's main base consists of an abandoned missile silo known as Outpost Omega One once used by the US government but has since been turned over to the Autobots for their use in protecting the planet, but it was destroyed by the Decepticons, they've relocate their new base in a US military base. They are include;

Autobot Team Members:

Human Team Members:

  • Jack Darby, honorary prime and oldest of the human children.
  • Rafael Esquivel, tech specialist and youngest of the human children.
  • Miko Nakadai, honorary Wrecker and "communications specialist" of Team Prime.
  • June Darby, nurse and medical specialist among the humans.
  • William Fowler, government liaison to the Autobots and former US Army Ranger.

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