Technomatter is a form of being completely mechanical and with no organic traces.


Beast Machines cartoon

After the surviving Maximals left prehistoric Earth after the Beast Wars and with Megatron as their prisoner, they found themselves back on Cybertron, in their original beast modes and with no memories of the recent events. Megatron already conquered the planet with his armies of Vehicons, and Rhinox and Silverbolt were missing. After evading the Vehicons, the Maximals later met the Oracle (formerly Vector Sigma), which reformatted their bodies into technoorganics, sort of cyborgs. Later, a new Maximal named Nightscream joined. After a series of episodes, Optimus Primal and the newly mechanical Megatron both fell into the core of Cybertron, which reformatted Cybertron into a technoorganic world with a blue sky and everything.

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