The name or term Teletraan refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Teletraan (disambiguation).
Teletreaan 10 is an Autobot computer from the Generation One continuity family.

Wheelie crossed the line this time.

Teletraan 10 is one of several humanoid robots developed by the Autobots to be "living" extensions of the Teletraan I computer. Constantly on-edge at the bumbling antics of her "sister" Teletraan 15, she was secretly designed to "reformat" malfunctioning Teletraan units. In fact, she is the reason that Teletraans 11 and 12 are no longer around.

Much of Teletraan 10's ire at her sister computer's ineptitude is due to her own similar behavior in the past. This sometimes leads to her taking out her frustrations on 15 physically, but rarely anything harsher than a swift boot to the tuchus.

Her name is properly pronounced "Ichimaru," but she reacts angrily to being called anything but "Ten."


15 Go! Go!


Who is the mysterious (and happy) Black Panther Man?!?.

As Teletraan 15 traveled through time and space collecting information on Transformers, Teletraan 10 snarkily commented on their various quirks, questioning the logic of Kup's "musket laser" weapon and suggesting that Optimus Prime's three components were not himself, his trailer and Roller, but his body, his left hand and his right hand.

10 came to 15's rescue when the latter was attacked and dismembered by Galvatron. She cradled her broken sister as Safety and Fly-Up rushed to her aid. Shortly afterwards, 10 got a taste of her own medicine when Starscream possessed 15 and tried to take over the Nana base. Her boot to 15's butt got her a burning from eye-beams. Thankfully for her, Starscream learned about the Kiss Players from 15's databanks and abandoned her body in search of more power.

When Teletraan 15 rebelled against the pair's commander, Teletraan 10's programming compelled her to turn against the younger computer. Torn by her struggle for identity, she was unable to destroy Teletraan 15. Along with the Kiss Player cassettes Rosanna, Sundor and Glit, both Teletraan units were unceremoniously dumped from their commander's ship in space near Earth and left to forge their own destinies. 15 Go! Go!


  • Teletraan 10 and 15 were designed to embody specific emotional states. 10 represents "anger."

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