This article is about the Generation One neutral robot. For the Wreckers character, see Rotorbolt (Universe).
Telus and Rotorbolt are neutrals in the Marvel Comics portion of the Generation One continuity family.
Tellus rotorbolt

The forewardmost two are Telus and Rotorbolt, though it's not clear which is which.

Telus and Rotorbolt (along with their unnamed friend) are Empties, surviving hand-to-mouth in the slums of Dead End. They are in poor physical condition, and almost certainly unable to transform.


Telus, Rotorbolt and their friend fled from the Decepticon Ferak, who was hunting Empties for sport. The unnamed friend stumbled, which saved his life when Ferak incinerated Telus and Rotorbolt.

Blaster subsequently destroyed Ferak and saved the surviving Empty. The Smelting Pool!

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