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The Thanatos is a Decepticon warship from the Generation One continuity family.
Stormbringer4 Thanatos

Thank you, randomly appearing floating in space message.

The Thanatos is commanded by Razorclaw and the Predacons. It possesses firepower sufficient to destroy a planet.


IDW comics continuityEdit

Megatron orderered that the Thanatos destroy Cybertron, if necessary, to stop Thunderwing. However, Razorclaw held off on firing long enough to allow Optimus Prime to stop the rampaging Pretender, sparing the planet. Stormbringer

Stormbringer4 Thanatos bridge

Know that the timeframe is one mega-cycle, Rampage.

Known crew of the Thanatos included:

Known specificationsEdit

The Thanatos' primary weapons are Starblitz torpedoes.


  • Thanatos was a personification of death in Greek mythology.

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