Autobots enslaved!


From High Command Aerie on Orbital Torus State, Praxus, Megatron looks over the landscape and recounts how upon his return, he quickly established himself as the new ruler of the planet. The Aerospace Extermination Squadron quickly arrest the Autobots. Megatron briefly speaks to Starscream, held inside of a tank as punishment for the manner in which Starscream enthusiastically took advantage of Megatron's disappearance. Shockwave pulls Megatron away to attend to other matters, and Starscream is left to suffer, chewed on by miniature Sharkticons. Shockwave explains the difficulties in reverse-engineering the technology of the Extermination Squadron troops, and Megatron refuses to reveal the origin of the technology.

Elsewhere in Praxus, Decepticons boss around enslaved Autobots, directing them deep into the planet. Cliffjumper falls over, and Octane and Barrage are ready to whip him as needless punishment, but Brawn, tired of the oppression, attacks the two Decepticons. With a glance, a nearby Aero-drone causes electricity to fry Brawn. Ultra Magnus watches the uprising, but returns to work.

Back in his base, Megatron argues about the creative control of the takeover with his off-screen masters. Done arguing, Megatron changes his focus to Soundwave's report. Soundwave shows Megatron an image of Cybertron's core.

Through Torus State Nova Cronum, three Extermination Squadron troops follow Getaway into an ambush. Nightbeat, Siren, Hosehead, Joyride, and Slapdash spring out to rescue Getaway and capture one of the drones. To make sure more drones don't arrive, Nightbeat sends a radio message to Blaster, and the army of Autobots who avoided capture.

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Covers (1)

  • Enslaved Ultra Magnus; art by Joe Ng.


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