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Only Human?

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The G.I. Joes and Autobots chase Serpent O.R. back to Cybertron, while Serpent O.R. expands his new Decepticon army.


Flashback: in a quaint American household, young Clayton Abernathy plays with some toys, and concludes that in combat, humans are completely ineffective against much larger robots.

In the present, Hawk convinces Perceptor that G.I. Joe should be allowed to travel to Cybertron to aid in the battle against Serpent O.R. Perceptor argues that, without their mechs, the humans are generally ineffective against the much larger Transformers. But Duke insists that G.I. Joe can help clean up the messes it creates.

Meanwhile, Dr. Li helps Mainframe attempt to track down Serpent O.R. When Dr. Li expresses concern for the safety of Serpent O.R., Mainframe punches the doctor out. Martin then explains the technical nature of Serpent O.R., the Serpent Organic Robot. The name "Serpent" was chosen because the technicians couldn't resist the temptation to give the living weapon the personality of Megatron.

Firewall activates the transporter gate, and Mainframe starts to enlist some back-up to aid the team of Joes and Autobots leaving for Cybertron.

Bumblebee, Grimlock, Arcee, Perceptor, Roadblock, Hawk, Snake-Eyes and Scarlett arrive on Cybertron in an area that Bumblebee likens to a graveyard. Immediately upon arrival, the group is ambushed from all sides by cannibalizers. For the humans' safety, Bumblebee and Scarlett lead a retreat out of the junkyard. But before reaching safety, Bumblebee literally crashes into Predaking and the rest of Serpent O.R's new Decepticon army. Serpent O.R. uses his tendrils to kill Bumblebee and orders his soldiers to take the Joes and Autobots prisoner.

Elsewhere on Cybertron, Optimus Prime and Hot Rod receive a signal Perceptor sent from the Gladiator Zone. They decide that Optimus will proceed with preparations for the peace ceremony, while Hot Rod will go to the Gladiator Zone to find Perceptor and company.

In the Decepticon army's temporary base, Perceptor's team of Autobots and G.I. Joes are held captive. Locked in an ammo crate, Hawk and Roadblock bond. In another crate, Snake-Eyes and Scarlett have another tender moment together, kissing each other after Snake-Eyes shows Scarlett his hideously scarred face.

Sandstorm and Springer search for the missing Autobots and Joes, but fail to notice the Decepticon congregation, thanks to Serpent O.R.'s radar jamming. Within the bunker, Divebomb attempts to recruit Hun-Grrr and the Terrorcons into the new Decepticon army. Hun-Grrr has doubts about the qualifications of the relatively tiny Serpent O.R., but Serpent O.R. again uses his tendrils to show the Decepticons how he is a progeny of Megatron.

At the Autobot peace ceremony, the Decepticons begin their attack. Omega Supreme transforms to defend the Autobots, but is surrounded by Menasor, Predaking, and Piranacon.


Writer: Tim Seely
Pencils: Joe Ng & James Raiz
Inks: Rob Ross with M3th
Colors: Kevin Yan & Rob Ruffolo, with Tom Liu
Letters: Brian Crowley
Editor: Michael O'Sullivan
Udon Chief: Erik Ko

  • Release date: May 31st, 2006

Major characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Joes Cobras Others

Items of note

Covers (3)

Art of War 3a

Serpentor's got "The Touch!"

  • Cover A: Serpent O.R. surrounded by Transformers by Joe Ng, Espen Grundetjern and Tom Liu. Combines with the Cover A variant covers for issues 1–5 to form a single image.
  • Cover B:Scarlett, Snake-Eyes, Hot Rod and Arcee by Omar Dogan.
  • Udon Exclusive Cover: Snake-Eyes and Autobot cars vs Storm Shadow and Seekers by Joe Ng: Available at Conventions and on the Club Udon website. Combines with Club Udon variant covers for issues 1–5 to form a single image.


Art of War 3u

Ninjas and robots, what's not to love?

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  • G.I. Joe America's Elite: 13
  • Scarlett Declassified #1
  • Helping Hand Contest
  • Sojourn #3
  • Dragonlance Chronicles: Dragons of Winter Night #1
  • Devil's Due RIPPED OFFer
  • The Art of War #4 (back cover)

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