An evil plan concocted by Thundercracker could spell the end for the Autobots... it relies on the use of a car-crusher.


The book begins with an introduction to the characters portrayed, in addition to their abilities (Gears holding an elephant over his head, for instance). After the introductions, Thundercracker takes charge of the Decepticons and leads them to the ground where they will unleash a lethal weapon that will ensure victory.

As Ravage points out, Thundercracker has led them to a junkyard of all places, to which the Seeker replies as being part of the plan. They will use the car crusher to reduce the Autobots into pancakes. The Decepticons agree that this is a perfect plan and they set out to implement it.

We see Gears again, hauling sacks of potatoes to the market to sell for gasoline money (yes, that is what takes place). Soundwave is given the task of erecting a false detour sign leading to the junkyard. A gullible Gears follows the sign and reaches sight of the car crusher, which has been so cunningly disguised with pillows and drapes to make it look like the perfect place for Gears to "rest his wheels". As he rolls into the "rest stop", Soundwave activates the crusher with a sardonic "Sweet Dreams!" Against all possible odds, the crusher is successful in squashing Gears into stasis lock, and the Decepticons are jubilant. Under the apparent belief that lightning strikes twice, Thundercracker plans to use the newly dubbed "Autobot Smasher" on ALL the Autobots.

However, the plan is compromised by the timely arrival of Ratchet, Mirage and Sideswipe. Battle is joined. Ravage prepares to pounce on the Autobots, but is left having to eat dust, resulting in his joints seizing up. Thundercracker makes his move, but is suddenly disabled by Mirage. Rumble tries to create earthquakes in an attempt to even the odds, but the results backfire, causing him and Soundwave to fall between the cracks. The Decepticons sound a retreat, leaving the Autobots victorious.

After a little tinkering from Ratchet, Gears is restored to health and in gratitude, declares Ratchet the hero of the comic.

Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons

  • An elephant


  • Neither Megatron nor Optimus appear in the comic, nor are they even mentioned... Maybe it is for the best for them.
  • Thundercracker taking command seems a little... odd. Even considering the small quartet he was in, you would think Soundwave would be the leader, as opposed to changing signs on country lanes.
  • So Ratchet is made the hero in spite of the minimal number of panels he appears in?

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