After Sunstreaker is captured by a new, massive Decpticon named Devastator, the Autobots formulate a plan to rescue him. When the rescue party (Sideswipe, Slag and Sludge) is captured as well, the Autobots decide to surrender to the Decepticons, but not without giving them a peace offering: a statue of Devastator that the Autobots are hiding inside of.


Written by: Nancy Krulik
Illustrated by: Charles Nicholas and Roberta Edelman
Originally published: 1984, 1985
Pages: 45

Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons


  • Given that Devastator is not called by name until Mixmaster explains the basic idea of Combiners to Sunstreaker, and the fact that the Autobots seem a little awed by him, this could technically be yet another first appearance.

Holy retcon, Aerialbots!

  • Speaking of which, the Autobots apparently have a fleet of fighter planes that all look like Jetfire, while the Decepticons just have a fleet of Thundercrackers.
  • Given his frequently appearing in most media, it seems odd that Starscream is nowhere to be found.


  • The cover also features both Devastator AND Hook, but given the plot, this might not be a mistake.

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