The Black Lio Convoy is the seventeenth episode of Beast Wars II. It first aired in Japan on July 29, 1998 on TV Tokyo.



A camera found in some ruins has the ability to create dark doubles, including, but not limited to, Black Lio Convoy!


At the heart of an abandoned city, the Autorollers are knocking down a section for their next project. In the midst of the ruins, they located an odd-looking camera. Upon taking the camera back to the Destron ship, Galvatron and crew seem confused as to its use. BB activates the camera and a beam ends up scanning him. The camera then creates a black replica of himself. BB goes to inspect the replica and the replica punches BB. The two fight until Starscream blasts the clone and it disappears. Megastorm then orders the camera to be returned to the deserted city.

In the deserted city, Tasmanian Kid is taking a stroll. Suddenly, he trips. He looks over to see what he tripped over and finds the replication camera. He looks around to make sure no one has left it. Upon seeing that he is alone, he takes the camera and returns to the Cybertron base.

Along a stream near the Cybertron base, Bighorn, Diver, and Scuba are relaxing near a river. Kid arrives and starts to talk about the camera. He has a book with him, and uses it to show the rest what the camera can do. Kid starts up the camera and replicates the book. While the rest of the Cybertrons read the books in amazement, Lioconvoy and Apache warn of the dangers of such a device. Against his wishes, Kid activates the camera and scans Lioconvoy. A black clone of Lioconvoy then appears besides him. Lioconvoy attempts to talk to his clone, but is instead attacked. After Lioconvoy receives some hits, the rest of the Cybertrons attempt to attack but are defeated. As the Cybertrons escape, Black Lioconvoy runs off into the forest. Meanwhile, the replication camera remains at the river.

While the Cybertrons talk the situation over at the base, Black Lioconvoy has run into Starscream and BB in the forest. Starscream attempts to convince Black Lioconvoy to join the Destrons. Black Lioconvoy contemplates it, but then fires upon the two Destrons and retreats.

Back at the Cybertron base, one of their probes is flying around base looking for intruders. Black Lioconvoy finds the probe, draws it near him, and destroys it. He orders the Cybertrons to come out of the base, and they follow his orders. As the Cybertrons apparently come out, Black Lioconvoy scans all of them with the replication camera. Suddenly, clones of all the Cybertrons appear. The Cybertrons begin to fight their clones, but are quickly defeated. As Black Lioconvoy boasts, Diver suddenly appears from behind the waterfall nearby and activates a huge double-barrel cannon he had built behind the falls. He uses it to destroy all the clones except for Black Lioconvoy. Black Lioconvoy goes to grab the camera again so that he may clone more fighters. However, Kid reaches the camera first. Kid throws it up into the air and Lioconvoy destroys it. As the pieces fall into his hands, Black Lioconvoy disappears.


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