The Festive Jointrons is the fourteenth episode of Beast Wars II. It first aired in Japan on July 08, 1998 on TV Tokyo.



The Jointrons decide they like the Maximals and move in. Their lifestyle leads to inevitable conflict.


The Jointron Brothers are off in the forest performing a conga line. They run into Tasmanian Kid and Bighorn, who are roaming the forest. They run up and talk to their amigos. The Cybertrons depart as soon as they can. Before long, the Jointrons arrive at the Cybertron base. At the Cybertron base, Apache is inside one of the shuttles and is shocked that the Jointrons were let in.

In a forest, Thrust and Dirge lead the Autorollers and instruct them to clear the forest. Meanwhile, the Jointron Brothers have dressed up Apache and Diver in Mexican wear. The party-going Jointrons soon start to play with the shuttle's control panels and turn off the invisibility cloak on the ships. Apache and Diver attempt to control them, but they are outnumbered by one.

In the forest, Thrust and Dirge can hear noise coming from the Cybertrons. Knowing that they can hear them, they know they can locate the Cybertron base and possibly take it over. At the Cybertron base, Apache has finally quieted the Jointron Brothers down when Dirge and Thrust break in. The Jointrons then invite them to join in the fiesta. Dirge and Thrust are confused at what when on before they invaded. Meanwhile, the Autorollers wait for a signal outside the shuttles.

Overjoyed that they have taken over the ship, Thrust and Dirge express their happiness. Suddenly, Gimlet begins to hit the controls again and smashes the control panel. This renders the ship useless and keeps everyone inside. The Destrons order Diver to fix it. Meanwhile, Lionconvoy is on his way back to the ship. Back on the ship, the Jointrons offer oil drinks to the Destrons and they accept. The Jointrons start dancing once again, much to Apache's dismay. Soon, the Destrons and Jointrons are dancing together. Outside the ship, Lionconvoy discovers the recent events and decides on a plan of attack. Bighorn and Kid soon arrive.

Once the Jointrons feel that Thrust and Dirge are intoxicated enough on oil, they take the conga line outside and offer oil to the Autorollers. At that point, Lioconvoy attacks the Autorollers. The Autorollers attempt to retaliate, but the Jointrons form to join Tripledacus. After some battle damage, the Autorollers retreat. Before the intoxicated Dirge and Thrust know it, the Cybertrons have taken back over the ship and they are taken prisoner.

Outside the ship, the Cybertrons ask the Jointrons to take the prisoners back inside the ship. Inside the ship, the Jointrons begin to throw a fiesta agian. This gives the Destrons ample time to escape and they do so. The Jointrons appear not to be concerned about the escape, as they take yet another conga line outside. The Cybertrons continue to be confused about these weird comrades.


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