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Specifics: Scan of Starscream babbling and other Seekers wishing he would shut up.

Optimus should've stayed in bed today.

Generation 2 > Issue #6
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Megatron solidifies his control of the Decepticons; Prime wants to talk.

This issue contains a main story, "The Gathering Darkness", and a backup story, "Tales of Earth Part Three". However, note that the backup story appears first, and the two stories blend into each other smoothly.

"Tales of Earth Part Three"


Swindle gives Megatron a tour of the Warworld and Megatron is favorably impressed. He asks why Bludgeon was trying to lure Optimus Prime out of hiding, and Swindle shows him the supply of Decepticon shells Bludgeon created, which are ready and waiting to be brought to life by the Creation Matrix. Megatron really likes this plan.

Meanwhile, in the skies of Earth, Starscream is chatting interminably about how much he likes mindless destruction, his plans for the future, how silly humans are, and generally driving his fellow Seekers crazy with his babbling. Ramjet can't fathom why Megatron brought Starscream back to life.

Back on the Warworld, Soundwave is putting the exact same question to Megatron. (In the background, a team of Decepticons are trying to revive Darkwing, blasted by Megatron last issue.) Megatron tells Soundwave that Starscream's flight abilities have proved useful recently, but that he is well aware of his potential for treachery, and may "retire" him soon...

Among the humans, Hawk of G.I. Joe is leading the counter-offensive, and tells Flint that, unless they get some serious Autobot reinforcement, they may lose the planet. At that moment, Skydive shows up with reinforcements, in the form of Optimus Prime... alone.


Writer: Simon Furman
Artist: Derek Yaniger
"Colorbot": Sarra Mossoff
"Letterbots": Richard Starkings with Gaushell
Editor: Rob Tokar

  • Originally published: April, 1994

Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Others


"Why, of all the possible Decepticons Megatron could have reanimated — did he choose Starscream?"

Ramjet asks a good question.


  • Soundwave asks Megatron, "You must forgive me for this most improper query, Lord Megatron... but why, Starscream?" The comma after the "why" shouldn't be there.

Items of note

  • Megatron choosing to resurrect Starscream is not unprecedented; he first brought the Seeker back from the dead (with Ratchet's help) in "All the Familiar Faces!". It's also not entirely stupid. In the U.S. comics continuity, Starscream had never explicitly betrayed Megatron up to this point. (Mostly because, in this continuity, Megatron spent very little time as the actual leader of the Decepticons...)

"The Gathering Darkness"


Hawk is royally torqued that the only reinforcement he's getting is one Autobot, even if it is Optimus Prime. Prime explains that he wants to reason with Megatron, and try to gain him as an ally against the Cybertronian Empire. Hawk and Flint are skeptical.

Above, in the Warworld, Soundwave reports to Megatron that Prime is on Earth, alone. Megatron smiles.

At the Autobase, Grimlock is planning to disobey orders again, and take the troops to Earth, to "help" Prime by kicking Megatron's exhaust port. Prowl tells him that he may ruin all of Prime's plans if he does this.

Back on Earth, Prime opens negotiations by demolishing Tantrum, then gets knocked down by a surprise attack from Megatron. Optimus tries to explain about the Empire, but Megatron just zaps him, then drains the needed creation energy from Prime's chest. As Megatron is about to kill Prime, Grimlock charges in with the cavalry. The battles seems fairly evenly matched, but Megatron decides it's a waste of time, and the Decepticons withdraw to the Warworld. Prime, though badly injured, nevertheless seems hopeful that all this may work out to his advantage.

On the far-distant world of Fara, a group of semi-robotic aliens known as the Esk clones are peacefully harvesting solar radiation, when night falls unexpectedly... the Swarm has come, and it is hungry...


Writer: Simon Furman
Penciler: Manny Galan
Inkers: Jim Amash
Colors: Sarra Mossoff
Letters: Richard Starkings with Gaushell
Editor: Rob Tokar

Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Others


"Do you really want to risk storming in there, [Grimlock]... and wreck everything?"

Prowl asks a stupid question.


  • At the Autobase, some of Prowl's dialogue is mistakenly attributed to Grimlock.

Items of note

  • Like Starscream before him, in this issue, Swoop has a weird segmented tongue.
  • This is the first time Prime and Megatron have faced each other in combat in the U.S. continuity since #24 (over sixty issues of continuity previously) — and even that was only a computer simulation of actual combat.
  • This is the last appearance of G.I. Joe characters in the G2 comic.
  • Cameos: Thundercracker, Ramjet, Bonecrusher, Swoop, Snarl, Sludge, Ironhide, Jazz, Silverbolt, Slag, Hound

Covers (1)


  • None yet identified.

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