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The Demolisher was a Huge Colossal Decepticon and one of those surviving decepticons that went into hiding. During the Autobots mission in Shangai alongside the USA N.E.S.T Operatives, The Demolisher was one of those two Decepticons present during the battle. When the Autobots led by their leader Optimus Prime arrived to hunt him down, The U.S military team tracked him down and caused Demolisher to transform from his vehicle mode and start rampaging throughout the city, destroying buildings, cars and causing mass chaos unfortunetly, he was stopped by Optimus Prime when he jumped on his head and starting damaging his left eye causing Demolisher to lose his sight and fall out of the Huge Colossal Bridge he was in and into a huge abandoned warehouse where he was shot down by Optimus Prime, unfortunetly upon getting destroyed, he warned Optimus Prime about the Revenge Of The Fallen.

Later in the film, during the Devastating battle of Giza, he joined the Constructicons in which together they formed the biggest colossal Devastator.

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