The Insectrons Arrive is the seventh episode of Beast Wars II. It first aired in Japan on May 13, 1998 on TV Tokyo.




Thrust and Dirge are instructing the Autorollers to clear forest land for the next Destron project. As the Autorollers continue to raze the forest, two insects hover over Thrust and Dirge. As they transform into robot mode and attack Thrust and Dirge, the mosquito and dragonfly introduce themselves as Big Mos and Tonbot respectively. News of the new robots is quickly passed on to both Cybertrons and Destrons and the hunt to find them begins.

Starscream and BB set up some invisible electric fences in an attempt to capture these new insects. Meanwhile, the Cybertrons have broken up into teams of two in an attept to locate the new Insectrons. Starscrean and BB notice that one of their traps has been set off, and they go to investigate. They discover that Thrust and Dirge have been captured, but they can care less. They leave the two in the net as they go to investigate another trap that was set off. As they arrive at the other trap, they find Big Mos and Tonbot trapped in the net. They release the Insectrons from the net and the insects ask for an explanation.

Starscream, in an attempt to misinform the Insectrons (who are Cybertrons), informs Big Mos and Tonbot that they are Cybertrons. They give the Insectrons a disk that falsely shows Lioconvoy and his group as Destrons. As the Insectrons receive the disk, they are very excited to meet these supposed Cybertrons.

At the Insectron base, Big Mos and Tonbot show Mantis the disk. They view the images and Mantis recognizes Lioconvoy from the battle at the ruins. Big Mos and Tonbot are then sent off to attack these apparent Destrons.

Apache and Bighorn continue searching for the Insectrons. In a canyon, they are attacked by Big Mos and Tonbot. While the battle endures, Lioconvoy and Tasmanian Kid hear the fight and go to investigate. Meanwhile, Tonbot has covered the canyon in a fog and continue to attack Bighorn and Apache. Lioconvoy and Kid soon arrive and help to protect his friends. As the Insectrons prepare to fire on Lioconvoy, Starscream and BB fire on the canyon and cause the cliffs above to collapse.

The Cybertrons dig themselves out of the debris and go to attend to the Insectrons. The Insectrons soon gain consciousness and escape. Lioconvoy gets set to run after them, but he's too weak from the battle. As the Insectrons escape, the Cybertrons wonder what exactly has happened.


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Note: All characters are listed in order of their first appearances in the episode. The time they appear is the time from the Japanese dub..

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