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With the world teetering towards war, the army of Cobra continues its bloody campaign with the aid of the Decepticons. To combat this threat overseas, a new covert stike team is formed from America's Elite: G.I. Joe.

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Transformers / GI Joe #1

Writer: John Ney Rieber
Pencils: Jae Lee
Colors: June Chung
Letters: Benjamin Lee
V/P Editor in Chief: Roger Lee
President: Pat Lee


In 1938, Major Sebastian Bludd leads a Cobra campaign to claim an "ultimate weapon" kept in the ancient temples of the Fera islands. The monks who protect it are brushed aside and Bludd grabs the weapon from its place - the long buried Decepticons awaken. The Decepticons then shatter the area to pieces as they emerge from their long slumber.

Summer, 1939. Arlington County, Virginia. Stalker and Snake-Eyes are recruited into the government operated task force "G.I. Joe". In a briefing, Scarlett and Lady Jaye play some classified footage of the devatastion Cobra has spread across Europe since awakening the Decepticons. The assembled soldiers all agree to join G.I. Joe to stop Cobra, when Snake-Eyes notices Laserbeak spying on the meeting from the rafters overhead. Duke attempts to shoot Laserbeak, but Laserbeak breaks Duke's attack with precise lasers and then retreats, leaving the Joes to question what they just encountered.

His cover blown, Laserbeak quickly returns to the Fera Islands, where Cobra has erected their imposing citadel: The Terrordrome. Destro, Cobra Commander, and Baroness consider what their next move should be now that they are aware of a potential American threat. The Commander insists that the Americans couldn't possibly be a threat to Cobra unless they were somehow sent a map.

MEANWHILE IN NORWAY. The Joes prepare to attack Cobra head-on, thanks to the discovery of a map they were anonymously sent. The Joes break into two teams, and they fly to their destination, their planes being passed by two massive shadows.

Over English airspace, Megatron, Starscream, and Soundwave discuss their current servitude to Cobra, and how Cobra Commander's dominance is only a temporary triviality.

At the Fera Islands, the battle begins with Duke's team promptly coming under gunfire as soon as they land. Storm Shadow emerges to engage his rival Snake-Eyes. The rest of the Joes take shelter in the ruins of the terrain when Leatherneck notices a giant metal monster head....

Items of note

  • This issue was available with a 'triple gatefold cover' version, and a 'wraparound' version. There were also two Dynamic Forces cover variants produced limited to 5500 and 1500 copies, and a holofoil cover version available by Don Figueroa.
  • Wavelengths page has a blurb of text from Matt Moylan in place of the letters column.
  • Wavelengths also has an article from the desk of Don Figueroa.
  • Storm Shadow's name is consistently mis-parsed as Stormshadow, which would continue throughout the entire miniseries.

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