The Strongest Tag Team? is the ninth episode of Beast Wars II. It first aired in Japan on May 27, 1998 on TV Tokyo.



The Maximals and Insectrons finally make their peace.


Starscream and BB are flying above the Insectrons and drop a spherical ball near Powerhug, Scissor Boy, and Drill Nuts. When the sphere hits the surface, a message from a chibi-Starscream hologram appears. With the hologram, Starscream attempts to provide more false information about Lio Convoy's crew being the true enemy. At the Predacon ship, Megastorm is worried as a comatose Galvatron remains in the ship.

Back on Gaea, Tasmania Kid is en route to bring some oil to the Insectrons as a peace offering. He encounters Mantis, who soon attacks him. Mantis is set to slash Kid, when Scissor Boy intervenes and prevents Mantis from destroying him. Scissor Boy vouches for Kid, and the three head off for Insectrons headquarters. At the headquarters, Mantis shows Kid the disk that Starscream provided. Kid tries to explain that the information is false. Soon after, a message on the sphere comes through, and Starscream announces that they will receive oil as a gift. Figuring something was wrong, Mantis, Scissor Boy, and Kid run to find the other Insectrons. Kid attempt to contact Lio Convoy, but there is too much interference on his com-link.

Near a river, Powerhug, Drill Nuts, Bigmos, and Tonbot are drinking the oil received from Starscream. They soon enter a state of over-energisation. The Insectrons begins to fight with each other before Mantis, Scissor Boy, and Kid can arrive.

Back at the Predacon base, Galvatron awakens and breaks free from his shackles. Unnoticed, the weak Galvatron finds some of the leftover tainted oil in the ship and starts drinking it. The tainted oil recharges Galvatron and sends him on a massive attack against anything that moves. He chases the Predacons out of the ship. Back at the river, some of the Maximals have arrived to help subdue the poisoned Insectrons. As Bighorn and Apache use a net to subdue some of the Insectrons, Kid runs into a rampaging Galvatron in his dragon mode. Galvatron soon attacks Kid. Meanwhile, Scuba appears near the Insectrons and douses them all with water in hopes that they'll come to their senses.

Lio Convoy arrives and battles with Galvatron. Galvatron whips his tail around and knocks over Lio Convoy and Kid. Now, the Insectrons have regained their senses and prepare to help defeat Galvatron. As Galvatron is about to strike with his tail again, Scissor Boy stops the tail with his pinchers. The rest of the Insectrons and Maximals join in and hold Galvatron steady while Lio Convoy blasts a barrage of missiles into Galvatron's mouth. The blast knocks Galvatron unconscious and he falls back into the river. Back at the Maximal base, the Insectrons and Maximals discuss their differences and come to a truce. As the sun sets, Bigmos and Lio Convoy shake hands.


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