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This article is about the Energon episode. For the bright thing in the sky, see Sun.

The Autobots and Decepticons hold their final battle as the Energon wars come to an end.


Featured charactersEdit


"Using the Combination Spark of all my soldiers, you will be no match for me!"

— while challenging Unicron, Optimus Prime inadvertently insults his own troops.

Other NotesEdit

Pain CountEdit

  • "Uh?": 13
  • Stock footage: 1
  • It's time to: 1
  • We've gotta: 1
  • We're a team: 1
  • You've gotta be kidding: 1
  • Aw man: 2

Animation and/or technical glitchesEdit

  • After absorbing Unicron's energy, Galvatron stands up and walks off, complete with stomping foot sound effects... in space.

Continuity errorsEdit

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Real-world referencesEdit



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