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Transformers: The Veiled Threat is a novel in the Transformers (2007) Movie continuity family.

Transformers: The Veiled Threat is a mass market paperback novel that serves as prequel to the second live-action Transformers film.

For further information, see: Wikipedia:Transformers:_The_Veiled_Threat

Vital statistics

ISBN 978-0-345-51592-6
Writer: Alan Dean Foster
Pagecount: 281

Major Characters:

  • Optimus Prime
  • Ironhide
  • Ratchet
  • Bumblebee (mentioned only)
  • Beachbreak- A new Autobot introduced in the book. Transforms into a military jet ski used by British commandos. Killed by Starscream
  • Knockout- A stubborn new Autobot that is impatient on fighting Decepticons. Is referred to being around Bumblebee's age. He turns into a black and green motorcycle.
  • Longarm- An Autobot veteran that has not done much fighting in his lifetime. He turns into a blue and white tow truck.
  • Salvage- A new Autobot that turns into a red pickup truck.
  • Starscream
  • Barricade
  • Megatron (mentioned and shown deceased)
  • Blademaster- New Decepticon making his first appearence in the book. Transforms into a helicopter of unnamed origin.
  • Dead End- Transforms into a red sports car.
  • Dropkick- A Decepticon that is very relentless in his fighting and turns into a grey and blue pickup truck. Alt form slightly resembles Salvages in design.
  • Frenzy (head only)
  • Kickback- A Decepticon hoping to revive Megatron with the help of Trample and Tread. Killed by Optimus Prime.
  • Macerator- A Decepticon loyal to Starscream that turns into a garbage truck with spinning blades on top. Killed by Optimus Prime. Shown as being almost as large as Optimus Prime.
  • Payload- A Decepticon that turns into an Anti-aircraft tank. Powerful and intelligent. It's mentioned that he may have the job of weapons specialist in the Decepticon ranks.
  • Ruination - A new decepticon that transforms into a V-22 Osprey helicopter.
  • Swindle- Transforms into a red sports car, almost like Dead End's.
  • Trample- Transforms into a excavator. Twin to Tread. Killed by Salvage.
  • Tread- Transforms into a excavator. Twin to Trample. Killed by Ironhide.


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