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Knock Out and Starscream continue experimenting with Silas/Breakdown, but they make a monster when they combine Synthetic and Dark Energon in his system.


Knock Out reveals to Starscream that he was experimenting with Synthetic Energon, using Silas/Breakdown as a test subject. Starscream, wishing to upstage Shockwave and Project Predacon, suggests that they use a little Dark Energon to give Megatron a means to control the aggressive recipients. However, they end up turning Silas into a creature very similar to the modern interpretation of zombies in that it consumes Energon from other Transformers to account for the Synth-En accelerating its use of its natural reserves and it turns those Transformers into more like it. Starscream and Knock Out try to fend off the newly started Terrorcon Apocalypse and keep it from Megatron, but they're found out and, as punishment, are forced to hunt down Silas.

Meanwhile, Silas enters the warship's vault and frees Airachnid so he can feed on her. However, she makes relatively short work of him and he is killed. Her return, however, causes the Insecticons to switch loyalties back to their 'Queen' who orders them to take down Megatron. However, Soundwave bridges her and her troops into space to one of Cybertron's moons.

The episode ends with Megatron still being angry with Knock Out and Starscream for starting the short-lived apocalypse and costing the Decepticons over half of their remaining troops, while Airachnid feeds on her subjects, revealing her to have been infected.


Original air date: May 17, 2013

Featured charactersEdit

Decepticons Humans


Continuity ErrorsEdit

  • Ratchet did not deplete his natural Energon reserves when he used Synth-En. However this is likely due to differences in their flawed formulas.

Transformer referencesEdit

  • The Terrorcons in this episode share some similarities with Transformers who were drained by the Dweller in The Dweller in the Depths, needing to feed on other Transformers' Energon due to having been drained themselves.

Real world referencesEdit

  • The Terrorcons in this episode are similar to the modern interpretation of zombies. Similarities include:
    • Converting others into beings like themselves with a single bite
    • A constant craving (for the Terrorcons it's for Energon, for zombies it's for food in general)

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