The Thoroughbred Corps are were the elite information couriers on Cybertron, rapidly ferrying information too sensitive to be trusted to com channels.

The thoroughbred corps were all but wiped out during the course of the Second Great War. Mach Kick is one of the few survivors.

Thoroughbred Corps members


Beast Wars Neo cartoon

At least two members of the Thoroughbred corps took part in Big Convoy's raid on Magmatron's citadel and were blown to high heaven (and possibly destroyed) attempting to cross the killing field. Mack Kick may have been one of them. (See Notes below.) Move Out Big Convoy!

While on the planet Alakide, Mach Kick encountered an evolving weapon which projected the image of Strada, the Thoroughbred Corps commander, in an attempt to elicit information from him. Mach Kick found this upsetting on many levels. Planet of the Ultimate Weapon


  • The Beast Wars Sourcebook explicitly lays out several things that were left vague in the original series, namely that Mach Kick was not the only survivor of the Corps, just one of the few. The assault on Magmatron's citadel postdated the Corps' "destruction", and Mach Kick was among those who took part in the offensive. (None of these things conflict with the cartoon, so they can probably be presumed to be true for it as well.)
  • All the Thoroughbred Corps members that took place in the assault in the cartoon were of the same body frame and coloration as Mach Kick, so this may represent the standard "look" of Corps members.