The name or term Thrust refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Thrust (disambiguation).
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Specifics: Jet-mode piece

Thrust is a Decepticon from an unknown continuity family.

He sure is a Decepticon.

Thrust, uh, has a spear. And he turns into a jet. That's about it.




  • Thrust (Booster, 2007)
Two different Attacktix Thrust pieces were made as part of the series-2 "Booster" assortment, each a "super Rare" available in blind-packed Booster Packs. The first is a redeco of the series-1 Skyblast robot-mode piece, a 30-point "Specialist" with a spring-loaded spear-stab attack. His Special Power, "Transform", lets you replace a fallen robot-mode Thrust with his vehicle-mode piece if you have it in your Back-Ups (not the "defeated" pile.)
  • Thrust (Booster, 2007)
The second Thrust Attacktix piece, part of the same Booster set, is (of course) a redeco of Skyblast's jet-mode piece, which can pivot up and down and fires a standard Attacktix missile. A 20-point "Specialist", his Special Power "Transform" lets you replace the defeated vehicle-mode Thrust with robot-mode Thrust if you have him in your Back-Ups (not the "defeated" pile).


  • However, since the future of the second round of Transformers Attacktix is debatable at best, this piece may never see release and we may never know any more about it.

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