Thunderhead Pass is an infamous location on Cybertron where Thunderwing was ultimately defeated.


Generation One

IDW comics continuity

After Thunderwing underwent the polydermal grafting process, he went on a rampage, forcing Optimus Prime and Megatron to work together to destroy him. However, Thunderwing was ultimately swallowed up by the planet, at what became known as Thunderhead Pass. The Transformers were forced to abandon Cybertron in the process.

Seven hundred stellar cycles later, Jetfire and the Technobots discovered Energon readings near the location of Thunderhead Pass. Jetfire decided that they should investigate, but where attacked by a group of Decepticons under the leadership of Bludgeon who worshipped Thunderwing as the herald of a new Cybertron. They reactivated Thunderwing and sent him to Nebulos, but the Axis Cradle controlling him was destroyed by Springer, causing Thunderwing to return near Thunderhead Pass. He was eventually defeated by draining his Ultra Energon reserves due to the Wreckers, the Predacons, Centurion droids, and a speech/salvo from Optimus Prime. Stormbringer

After Thunderwing's second defeat, a detachment of Autobots under Hound were set to guard Thunderhead Pass while a small team of scientists under Jetfire conducted research. Once the research was concluded, Jetfire and his team left, but the guards remained as Thunderwing's body was secured there.

Some time later, Galvatron attacked the guard post at Thunderhead Pass in order to recover Thunderwing's remains. He killed Leadfoot and incapacitated the others, and ultimately escaped with his prize. Spotlight: Galvatron

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