The Titanium Turnpike is a Cybertronian highway in the Marvel Comics portion of the Generation One continuity family.

The Titanium Turnpike appears to suffer many of the same ills as its Earthen counterparts: tolls, huge traffic-snarling accidents, and armornecking motorists making things worse. The toll gates, however, are a lot more proactive than those on Earth; they are capable of snaring travelers who fail to pay their fine.

One of the city-states it passes by is Polyhex.


Marvel Comics continuity

The Titanium Turnpike was the stage for a Decepticon attack on Getaway's patrol, somewhere in early Cybertronian history. The Decepticons staged an accident to tie up traffic, then ambushed the patrol while they were stalled. Getaway led the damaged patrol through the highway's toll gates, which snagged the Decepticons when they attempted to pass through without paying, allowing the damaged Autobots to escape.

The battle became known as the famous Armornecking Incident.[1]

The Titanium Turnpike (or at least its toll booth,) is presumably no longer active, since in 1989 Roadhandler was completely unfamiliar with the concept of toll roads. King Con!


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