To Face the Setting Sun is the twenty-second episode of Beast Wars II. It first aired in Japan on September 09, 1998 on TV Tokyo.




Flying over the sea towards the Cybertrons' base is...the Jointron Brothers! Returning from the journey, they find Bighorn on a cliff. Bighorn is still lamenting about Scylle. The Jointrons attempt to give Bighorn some advice on love. Together, they work out a plan to draw Scylle in and let Bighorn make an impression on her.

Along another spot on the shore, Starscream and BB meet with Halfshell. The Destrons have discover the Seacons have stolen some Angolmois Energy from Galvatron. Starscream and Halfshell talk but come to no conclusion. On the Seacon ship, Scylle has received a recording that is apparently from Scuba and that invites her to come ashore to meet him. Scylle goes to shore and waits for Scuba. Instead, she finds the Jointron who are dressed up like squids. They kidnap her and quickly throw her in a sack. They take off for a destination to meet up with Bighorn. Bighorn, meanwhile, runs to the destination with Tasmanian Kid and Diver with a bundle of flowers in his mouth. The Jointrons are soon attacked by Starscream and BB, but escape. After their escape, Bighorn is soon attacked by the same Destrons.

The Jointron Brothers have reached the destination at the waterfalls and celebrate as they wait for Bighorn. Looking for Scylle, Seaphantom and Terrormander locate Scylle and attack the Jointrons. DJ deploys some fog and the Jointron Brothers escape with Scylle. They jog down the river, only to be attacked by Starscream and BB. As they are attacked, Gimlet accidently drops the bag containing Scylla down some steep sets of rocks. The bag ends up hitting Bighorn and the flowers from his mouth end up flying in front of him. The flowers are red roses, which cause his rage to build. Not knowing what is in the bag, he charges the bag. The bag flies against the rocks and breaks open. While Bighorn is shocked to see Scylle, Scylle gets angry and blows Bighorn away. The Jointrons see the fight below and the gathering Seacons. They combine to form Tripledacus. The Seacons notice and combine to form God Neptune. The two giants fight and God Neptune has the upper hand until Tripledacus' missile hits the cliff just behind God Neptune. The cliff gives way and the Seacons fall into the ocean below.

As the sun sets on another day, the Jointron Brothers celebrate another victory. Bighorn charges up behind him, angry at their bad plan. Instead of staying and getting into a fray with Bighorn, the Jointrons venture out on a journey once again.


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Note: All characters are listed in order of their first appearances in the episode. The time they appear is the time from the Japanese dub..

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