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Tokyopop is a North American manga publisher that released a series of Cine-Manga based on the Armada and Energon television series. Cine-Manga adapt anime episodes into pocket-sized graphic novel form, laying out screen captures like comic book panels and adding dialogue bubbles and sound effects.

The term "Cine-Manga" is commonly used to refer to all sorts of tv-to-manga adaptations like this, but is actually a trademark by Tokyopop.


First Encounter

Cinemanga armada1
Adapts First Encounter and Metamorphosis

ISBN 159182673x

  • From the dramatis personæ:
    • Rad is in 7th grade when the series begins.
    • Leader-1 is used to represent the Mini-Con faction like Optimus Prime does the Autobots and Megatron the Decepticons.

The Mystery of the Missing Mini-cons

Cinemanga armada2
Adapts Ruin and Prehistory

ISBN 1591826748

  • Mockup covers bore the title 'Return of the Missing Minicon.' [sic]
  • This is the only english-language source for the spelling of "Olyhalcons", much-mangled in the process of being translated from Greek to Japanese to English. (The original root being "orichalcum".)

The Starsaber Dilemma

Cinemanga armada3
Adapts Overmatch and Credulous

ISBN 1591827590

  • Mockup covers bore the much funnier title 'Contains Episodes "Overmatch" & "Credulous."'


A New Threat

Cinemanga energon1
Adapts Cybertron City and Energon Stars

ISBN 1591828171

  • Demolishor's opening monologue says it's been 20 years since Armada instead of 10.
  • Optimus Prime puts Desert City on "Def-Com 4," rather than Def-Con or Devcon.
  • According to the dramatis personæ at the start of the book, Miranda Jones is also a scientist, like her husband.
  • Alpha Q is described as "the evil Power Core of Unicron," a misunderstanding stemming from a badly translated line in the cartoon.

The Ultimate Betrayal

Cinemanga energon2
Adapts Scorpinok and Megatron's Sword

ISBN 159182814x

  • A number of errors in the dramatis personæ
    • Ironhide (Energon) is described transforming into a fire truck. (His profile replaced Inferno's from volume 1.)
    • Carlos is incorrectly described as working in Desert City.
    • Demolishor is described as transforming into a dump truck with a heavy arsenal, which he does... but not yet.
    • Scorpinok [sic] is has 3 modes; a scorpion, a jet, or a construction vehicle.
  • The language of Alpha Q's description of Megatron's sword as "a Star Saber" has been strengthened to "the Star Saber", which makes a lot more sense in context... but is still wrong.
  • The composition of the team on Mars in Megatron's Sword is made more explicit: the 3 Energon Saber team members are Mini-Cons while the other Autobots on the surface are Omnicons.

The Rise of Megatron

Cinemanga energon3
Adapts ?
Note: The cover pictured is an early mockup, not the final one.

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