Tonbot is a Maximal Insectron from the Beast Wars II portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Feeling jumpy today?

"High-strung" is the best way to describe the Insectron warrior, Tonbot (トンボット, to-n-bo-tto). He is easily excited, and after that, it is difficult to shut him up. He doesn't care what others think of him, just as long as he's happy. He enjoys mixing English sentences in with his foreign speech just for fun. He considers it a "talent". No one else does. They just think he needs to lay off the caffeine. While easily excited, he doesn't always crave adrenaline rushes. He still enjoys relaxing moments such as sunsets. But even they tend to send him bouncing off the walls.


Beast Wars II and Neo cartoons

Voice actor: Kenichirō Tanabe (Japanese)

Beast Wars II comic

IDW Beast Wars comics

Tonbot is one of many in an Angolmois-induced riot following Tako Tank, who broke a wall. The Ascending #4


  • Tonbot
Japanese ID number: C-19
Acessories: 2 missiles
This figure is a redeco of Jetstorm, now red.
  • Tonbot VS Autojetter
JapaneseID number: VS-19
Identical to the above, save for the fact that it's purchasable in a two-pack with Autojetter.

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