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Top Spin is a character introduced in Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

Not a day goes by where Topspin doesn't get a new ding or scorch mark on his armor. His urge to succeed in spite of the odds have never dulled. Now a member of the Wreckers, he pushes himself to the limit in combat, going up against the biggest and baddest. And, usually he comes out on top... even if he ends up losing a limb in the process.

Official character bio

—If it isn't difficult, I'm not interested., Topspin


Dark of the Moon film


Topspin, Roadbuster and Leadfoot prepare the pre-launch works at the launch site of the Xantium. He uses his claws to lift a metal beam on a carriage carrying an engine part for the Xantium.

He later joins the battle in Chicago. He and the other Wreckers tear an unfortunate Decepticon pilot into pieces, ALIVE.


He accompanies other Autobots to an empty building where the take refuge for a while and think of a plan. When they do, they all evacuate with cover fire from Optimus Prime and Ratchet.

After Optimus Prime is trapped by cables, he and other Wreckers go to help Optimus Prime, who later assists the other Wreckers in taking down Devcon. He fires at the Decepticon with his machine guns, while Roadbuster launches two missiles before he and the other two then climb on him and shoot him in the head. Dark of the Moon

The Last Knight film

Voice actor: Steven Barr (English)

Topspin among several Autobots that were given asylum in Cuba He was pestering Seymour Simmons to play ball, and was told Simmons was busy, in which he stated "He always says that". While Simmons was on a phone call with Edmund Burton, he repeatedly asked Simmons to go to the beach with him, in which Simmons told him to wait five more minutes. Eventually Simmons finished his call and went to the beach with him. The Last Knight

Dark of the Moon comic adaptation

I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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  • Topspin (Legion, 2011)
This version of Topspin is not weaponized, and is a small clean replica of the #48 Lowe's NASCAR. Despite his blocky appearance, he does have moving arms: one claw can open, the other is sealed but has a clip shaped cut out in the other for holding smaller weapons.
  • Topspin (Deluxe, 2011)
    • Accessories: MechTech gun, machine gun*4
Topspin transforms into a weaponized version of Jimmie Johnson's #48 NASCAR racer. In robot mode he his very CGI accurate. The MechTech weapon changes from a cross bow-like weapon to a claw.
  • Autobot Armour Topspin (Deluxe, 2011)


  • Topspin wears "sunglasses" and has a "mullet" made of crash webbing, making him resemble a stereotypical NASCAR fan.
    • The mullet is actually made up of the NASCAR crash webbing that lines the windows.
  • Of the Wreckers, he and Roadbuster seem to be the smartest.
  • Topspin doesn't speak a single line of dialogue through the entire Dark of the Moon film, much like another blue robot from the previous movie.
  • Contrary to popular belief, his main appendages are not his claws, he does have hands concealed under them. Also, his claws seem to be retractable.
  • His namesake never had any airtime in the media.
  • In the Transformers: The Last Knight film, His head now resembles Leadfoot's.

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