Tornado is a Decepticon traitor in the Generation One continuity family.


Tornado, who is absolutely not Windrazor, makes a living by betraying people, apparently. Once a professional saboteur, then a Decepticon rebel. Then dead.


Marvel UK Comics continuity

Tornado, before the Great War, was a saboteur working for the city of Vos. He intended to bomb Tarn's power plant and pin it on Iacon, which would result in a war in after which Vos would grab all the power.

Unfortunately, this was not to be. A lowly power plant worker spotted the saboteurs and informed his superiors of their plan. For his trouble, Tornado killed the chump dead. But still, the plan didn't work. State Games

In short order, Tornado joined the Decepticons. In equally short order, he tried to rebel against the Decepticons. Given his choice of punishment, he opted for Trial By Combat, where he faced his former comrade Earthquake. Though boastful of his superior speed, he didn't make it out alive. In fact, neither of them did.

Watching this on a tape years later, Megatron thought that this would be a good way to rid himself of Starscream. The Enemy Within!