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Toru is a human friend to the Autobots in the Generation One continuity family.

Japanese children have unlimited security clearance. Also, ridiculous hats.

Toru (トル) is a young Japanese boy who is a primary ally in the Autobots' missions in his country. Bright and inquisitive, he has served as an advance scout for the Autobots, often reporting suspiciously Decepticon-like activity to them.


Full Throttle Scramble Power!Edit

Toru, Jenny and Hound were sent by Optimus Prime to find the location of the Decepticons' newest doomsday device, the Omega Whip. They found the hidden base, but were quickly captured by Starscream. As the Autobots and Decepticons did battle outside, with the Autobots at the losing end, things seemed hopeless. That is, until Jenny used her feminine wiles to dupe Starscream into destroying the Omega Whip.

Toru and friends managed to escape with the help of Blaster as the entire Autobot army, including Metroplex, arrived on the scene. Defeated, Megatron ordered the Decepticons to retreat. Toru and Jenny celebrated their victory with ample amounts of hugs and kisses, but quickly stopped after Prime began to ask them embarrassing questions about their actions.


  • For reasons unknown, Toru appears to be a clone of Kenji, another Japanese kid in a silly hat who helps the Autobots out on occasion.

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