Tox-En, is a poisonous form of energon. It is also one of the Iacon relics. According to Bulkhead, Tox-En is similar to energon — only it is very toxic. It causes nausea and dizziness to any Tranformer that comes into contact with it. If exposed long enough, the bot weakens to the point of paralysis; once that happens, the bot goes offline.


Prime cartoon

During the War on Cybertron, Megatron managed to create raw Tox-En and used it as a superweapon against the Autobots. One chunk of Tox-En was also sealed inside the Iacon vaults. Like several other relics, the Tox-En was launched into space, eventually landing on Earth on an volcanic island near the equator.

After discovering the Tox-En, Bulkhead knew that he couldn't bring it back to base or leave it for the Decepticons to find, so he decided to get rid of the sample by throwing it into a nearby volcano. However, once the Insecticon Hardshell found out what the relic was, he immediately tried to obtain it.

Bulkhead was eventually able to lob the Tox-En sample into the volcano. Toxicity (episode)

Fall of Cybertron


Toxic Energon is is the toxic by-product of the process used to refine raw energon. In the game, toxic energon is depicted as highly volatile and explosive rather than the bio-hazard that the cartoon depicts it as. Also, unlike in the cartoon, Insecticons seem to thrive on toxic energon as they have built their nest in an area full of it.

Certain rooms of the refinery are flooded with the toxic substance and falling in is lethal.


  • The name "Tox-En" name comes from its nature as "toxic Energon". Its pronunciation is similar to the word "toxin".
  • In the game Fall of Cybertron', Tox-En takes on a liquid form, characteristic of all energon seen in the series, but of a sickly green color. There are certain areas where huge pools have flooded rooms and falling in is fatal.