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Like many cultures, Transformers make music to express themselves. (The Decepticon Squawkbox for instance is a passionate musician.) However, very few of these alien songs have ever been recorded or played for human ears.

Generation One animated continuity

Starscream has the Constructicons play a fanfare on brass instruments for his coronation. After a while, he shoots the trumpets. The Transformers: The Movie

Headmasters cartoon

Hardhead enjoys karaoke after just a few drinks of energon. The Shadow Emperor, Scorponok

Devil's Due G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers continuity

At least in this continuity Cybertron had a rich history of music. With his Matrix-granted powers the former G.I. Joe commander Hawk had access to a database of at least 11 million traditional Cybertronian songs. One apparently has a line that goes: "Protoform/Protoform/What will you be?"

Transformers Armada

The Mini-Cons were revealed to project a strange, haunting melody amongst themselves. The exact effect of this varied.

Transformers Cybertron

The Transformers on the Speed Planet have a band that plays at official functions.

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