Transformers: Battle Game - a mobile game, dedicated to the Age of Extinction movie.


The player is offered a choice of several different missions, which differ from each other by design. Adult automatically moves around the map forward, meeting at its enemies. To move left and right should tilt the device. For successful completion of the mission you want to kill a set number of enemies using firearms and cold steel, or to collect the required number of artifacts job - opened one by one, and re-replay already completed impossible, but after receipt of the three stars, the mission is available in a free mode. At any moment you can change the form to accelerate or attack. From defeated enemies can fall out of Cuba vigoron giving extra points. For executing tasks given various bonuses and experience. Originally available only Bumblebee, but then you can open Optimus Prime (for each option you want to spend 10 stars) and Grimlock (during beta testing is not available). Received during the passage missions awards, you can open the space bridge, giving the opportunity to purchase various artifacts - weapons ranged and melee and armor. These objects as robots can later be improved. This weapon has a card principle with occasional, frequent, occasional, epic and legendary cards (listed in order of quality, depending on the indicators and the maximum level. Each transformer has 20 levels.


Age of Extinction DeNA grimlock
Autobots Decepticons Other characters


  • Ordinary Decepticon - fighter shooting spheres of energy, appears from the first level. He transform into the car.
  • Arrows - Decepticon, armed with a laser. The beam damages all the time. Transform into a car that you receive from the second level.
  • Tank - heavy and slow warrior who prefer to shoot the Autobots in altmode until they come close or not to hurt him - then the tank begins to mine the road. Transform into a small tank appears with the third level.
  • Scout is a small Decepticon approaching the player to use their swords against him.

Dispersed arrows - group produces energy balls in different directions. Superior warrior different from the normal that can not only shoot balls of energy, but to leave them in place as the minutes

  • Superior arrows - ray this enemy is refracted and moves, which makes it difficult avoiding his attacks.


At the present time in the game there are only two locations. When you try to go further you receive the message that work on the following levels are.

  • The city contains 25 levels, 4 of which are exclusive for Bumblebee, 4 - for Optimus, levels 10 and 17 are the boss. The last level for each character also is a boss battle.
  • Desert - contains 17, 10 and 17 are also a boss battle, which still is Lockdown.


The Decepticons are located in different districts of the city, and the Autobots you want to be rid of them.



Transmetal Missle Launcher

  • If pre-registration the player promise "'a rare weapon" - the Transmetal Missle Launcher.
  • If pre-registration you can enter promo code, but information about them not. The site promised about their distribution will be announced later.
  • On may 22, the game is in beta testing. At this time it is only available in the Philippines. On June 11 the application was to inform about the update that is impossible to find.
  • Resources for improvement are named after gods and ancient Prime: Unicron, Primus, Amalgam (perhaps Amalgams simply do not fit), Onyx, there are also others.

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