Transformers: Mystery of Convoy (トランスフォーマー コンボイの謎 Toransufōmā Conboi no Nazo?) was a video game for the Famicom (the Japanese version of the Nintendo Entertainment System). The player controlled Ultra Magnus on his mission to find the whereabouts of the missing Optimus Prime. Along his quest, Ultra Magnus faces various Decepticon threats, including Starscream-like fighter jets, the Combiners Bruticus and Menasor, a ship that resemble Nemesis, Megatron, and a final battle against Trypticon.

Upon completing the game (and collecting the hidden letters to form RODIMUS), the player was given the option of starting again at level one, this time playing as Rodimus Prime. Rodimus Prime has a new vehicle mode, but his robot mode was simply a recolored Ultra Magnus.


Ultra Magnus tries not to get his ass kicked.

Despite his name being in the title of the game, Optimus Prime only appears in-game three times. First during the start screen, when his head explodes and reassembles as the player's sprite, later his head reappears colored gray right at the end of level 7, and at the ending screen, coloured again.

This game is also somewhat notorious for being extremely difficult to the point of frustration, thanks to dodgy hit mechanics and sluggish control. (Specifically, a single hit of ANY kind will kill Ultra Magnus, whereas the majority of enemies require multiple hits to be destroyed.)

Cheat Codes

Memory Address Cheat Codes
Address Value Effect Side Effect
0069 3 Always have three lives
0053 20 Indestructible Music restarts everytime you are hit
0053 40 Shot Power Up
0053 60 Indestructible and Shot Power Up

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