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Possibly the only 2D video game in which Mega Man is the bad guy.

Transformers by Glu is a mobile phone game produced in 2007 based on the live-action movie.


Optimus Prime was damaged and separated from the Autobots on his arrival on Earth and is now stranded in the Hoover Dam. Unable to risk their communications being detected, Bumblebee sends out a signal that reformats your cell phone to send and receive Cybertronian signals! Optimus Prime's systems are a bit scrambled, so you'll have to guide him through the dam and beyond until he recovers!

Mobile Tracker Units

Decepticon drones.

Aqua "Medium" drone

These middleweight Decepticon drones can absorb several barrages of blaster fire and are more easily dispatched via brief violent bouts of hand-to-hand combat. They can be quite dangerous if you get pinned between two of them. Equipped with a sparking short-range blast.

Medium green
Blue "Flashfist" drone

These thoroughly nasty drones will kick your aft six ways to Cybertron. They shrug off weapons fire (though it can hold them in place) and almost all physical attacks. Their punishing short-range energy attacks deliver crippling damage even if you block them. However, in the moment before their block-breaking attack, when both fists are raised in the air and flash, they are vulnerable. Even then, they're too quick to let you get off a full combo, so destroying them requires multiple attacks. They are frequently deployed in quantity, so do not allow yourself to be trapped between two of them under any circumstances.

Blue flashfist
Green "Bruiser" drone

These heavily armored drones shrug off blaster fire and most attacks. What's worse, their stunning attack can trap you within reach, allowing them to pound on you again and again. Rush these units with a dash attack to throw them off balance, then lay into them with your fists.

Green bruiser
Orange "Headbanger" drone

These hot-running, miswired drones can fire long-range fire blasts, but only along the horizontal plane of the level on which they're standing. They are extremely resistant to small-arms fire, but an aggressive physical offense will force them to abandon their fireball attacks. The headbangers don't seem to be properly insulated against their own internal heat, as evidenced by their signature spastic short-out after firing.

Glu mtu a3
Orange shield drone

The drone's shield protects it from your blaster and most of your attacks. Block its attacks until it performs a two-handed strike (letting go of its shield to do so), then attack.

Shield pounder
Orange "Gunner" drone

This drone is usually found in elevated positions taking pot-shots at you. Fortunately, it's particularly susceptible to blaster fire, so switch to it as your target and remove it from the battlefield before you have to get close. A nasty customer in a direct physical confrontation.

Gunner red
Purple "Light" drone

These lightweight Decepticon drones are the first enemies you encounter in the game. They are easily dispatched with either blaster fire or hand-to-hand combat.

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