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Transformers Collectors' Club Magazine Issue #18Edit

Editor-In-Chief: Brian Savage
Editor: Pete Sinclair
Associate Editor: Benson Yee
Research Editor: Karl Hartman
Lead Writer: Rik Alvarez
Creative Director/Layout: Lanny Lathem
Columnist: Rob Meyer
Columnist: Scott Marble
Head Proofreader: Heather Choplin
Proofreader: Mark Baker-Wright
Resident Cartoonist: Jesse Wittenrich
Resident Colorist: Drew Eiden
Staff: Greg Sepelak, Trent Troop, Matt Moylan
Featured Artists: Greg Sepelak, David Willis, Sam Helbling, Richard Chang, Evan Gauntt, Will Mangin, Dan Khanna, Makoto Ono


  • BotCon: Past, Present, and Future by Karl Hartman (pages 4-5)


  • On page 3, the title spells Mike Ballog's name as "Ballag".

Items of noteEdit

  • TBA

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