Tf digest 9

Back when $1.50 was outrageously expensive for a comic.

Transformers Digest is a digest size publication produced by Marvel Comics for the American newsstand market in 1985 and 1986.

Each issue collected 2 issues of the Marvel Comics series along with character profiles from the Transformers Universe series. 10 issues were produced, covering the first 20 issues of the Transformers comic.


  • The covers of the digests, were re-colored closely adhering to the original layouts, probably for technical reasons related to the printing process used. (Both painted covers were skipped.)
  • Digest #9's cover (pictured above) radically departed from the original coloring of issue #17. The hellish colors may have been considered inappropriate for the entry-level newsstand market. (The other issue in that edition, #18, featured a non-key background on its cover significantly more complicated to re-create than the other Digest re-colorings.)
  • Advertisements in Transformers Digest refer to the The Transformers as part of Marvel's Star Comics kid-oriented comic line— this is not correct, Transformers was never published under the Star imprint. These advertisements presumably also ran in Marvel's Star title digests of the time.

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