Transformers mix match

Sweet Zombie Primus!!!!!

Vital Statistics

ISBN 0794412866
ISBN 978-0794412869
Writer: David Roe, based on the screenplay and story of the 2007 Movie
Illustrator: Pagecount: Twelve, divided into three cut sections each.

Major characters:

Originally published: Reader's Digest, 2007


A bare-bones vague retelling of the movie story. Each page features a confrontation between an Autobot and a Decepticon, and the main gimmick of the book is that each page can be flipped over in thirds to reveal a different Transformer part. The story box on the Decepticon part lines up, so the plot can be read in a mix-and-matched fashion. The art lines up well, though there's a few fudges, and Frenzy throws off every Decepticon combination. The book advertises more than 200 possible combinations.

Items of note

Proto mix match

Behold, Divescreamimus!

  • This is another book using Energon characters and art from the early mock-up phases.
  • Either by error of model sheet or coloring, Bonecrusher is apparently drawn without eyes.
  • Swindle makes a rare appearance in his Autobot form, likely both to pad out the Autobot roster and to give Frenzy someone to fight.
  • The spelling is pretty bad.

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