This article is about 2007 sliding storybook. For the Marvel Comics issue, see Prime Time!.
Transformers prime time

Watch out for Kromaggs!

Vital Statistics

ISBN 0794412874 ISBN 978-0794412876
Writer: Michael Teitelbaum, based on the screenplay and story of the 2007 Movie
Illustrator: Line arts by Alex Milne and Joe Ng, colors by Rob Ruffolo
Pagecount: Ten, counting the large illustrations and text printed on the inside covers.

Major characters:

  • All major characters from the 2007 movie except Scorponok, Frenzy, Bonecrusher, and the vast majority of human characters outside of Sam and Mikaela.

Originally published: Reader's Digest, 2007


A cut and dry retelling of the story from the moment The Autobots first meet Sam, though it manages to shoehorn in the Qatar attack in despite this. Some scenes play out differently to help play up the book's gimmick: using the same tab pulling mechanisms like pop-up books, each page on the right hand side has a Transformer you can change into vehicle mode by pulling the tab.

Items of Note

Sliders mockup

Dah fug?

  • In the Borders store computer system, this book's cover is apparently a test mock up, as it uses the movie font and border of the final release, but characters from Energon.
  • In plot summaries on various store data bases as well as the book's back cover, Blackout is listed as "Vortex". He is called Blackout inside the book, however.
  • Jazz is drawn in vehicle mode with his top down. While not unusual for the Pontiac Solstice (it is a convertible, after all), it clashes with every other media appearance of Jazz.
  • Despite the book's title being "Transformers: Prime Time", it shows up in all computer systems under the listing "Transformers Sliders Prime Time Attack".

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