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Transformers song universe

Optimus Prime looks incredibly badass in this picture.

Transformers song universe contains five disk of Japanese Transformers themes.

The first disk contains...

  1. [Transformers] TRANSFORMER / Satoko Shimonari
  2. [Transformers] Peace Again / Satoko Shimonari
  3. [Transformer 2010] TRANSFORMER 2010 / Sho Hirose
  4. [Transformer 2010] WHAT’S YOU / Sho Hirose
  5. [Transformers: The Headmasters] The Headmasters / Hironobu Kageyama
  6. [Transformers: The Headmasters] Bokura no Headmaster / Morinoki Jidou Gasshoudan
  7. [Transformers: The Headmasters] TRANSFORM! / Hironobu Kageyama
  8. [Transformers: The Headmasters] Okubyoumono Doumei / Hironobu Kageyama
  9. [Transformers: The Headmasters] Senshi no Kyuusoku / Hironobu Kageyama
  10. [Transformers: The Headmasters] Tate! Ikari no Headmaster / Hironobu Kageyama
  11. [Transformers: The Headmasters] Uchuu ni wa kokkyou ga nai / Hironobu Kageyama
  12. [Transformers: The Headmasters] Destron Sanka / Hironobu Kageyama
  13. [Transformers: The Headmasters] Uchuu ni kakaru niji / Hironobu Kageyama, Ikuko Noguchi
  14. [Transformers: The Headmasters] Kimi wa Transformer / Hironobu Kageyama
  15. [Bonus Track] TRANSFORMER (Kiss Players Version) / Satomi Akesaka, Lyrian, Yui Kano

The second disk contains...

  1. [Transformers: Super God Masterforce] Choujin Masterforce no Theme / Toshiya Igarashi
  2. [Transformers: Super God Masterforce] Susume! Choujin Masterforce / Toshiya Igarashi
  3. [Transformers: Super God Masterforce] Kiseki no Transformer / Toshiya Igarashi
  4. [Transformers: Super God Masterforce] Henshin! Godmaster / Toshiya Igarashi
  5. [Transformers: Super God Masterforce] Chiisana Yuushi ~Headmaster JR no Theme~ / Yuriko Yamamoto
  6. [Transformers: Super God Masterforce] Super Ginrai no Theme / Toshiya Igarashi
  7. [Transformers: Super God Masterforce] See See Seacons / Toshiya Igarashi
  8. [Transformers: Super God Masterforce] Uchuu no shihaisha Devil Z / Toshiya Igarashi
  9. [Transformers: Super God Masterforce] WE BELIEVE TOMORROW / Toshiya Igarashi
  10. [Transformers: Super God Masterforce] Moero! Transformer / Toshiya Igarashi
  11. [Transformer Victory] Transformer V / Kouji Kaya
  12. [Transformer Victory] Cybertron Banzai / Koorogi’73
  13. [Transformer Zone] Transformer Z no Theme / Ichiro Mizuki
  14. [Transformer Zone] Ashita no Kimi e / Ichiro Mizuki
  15. [Beast Wars] WAR WAR! STOP IT / Shitamachi Kyoudai
  16. [Beast Wars] CAN WE PLAY OFF / Shitamachi Kyoudai
  17. [Beast Wars] FOR THE DREAM / Mickey
  18. [Beast Wars] FOR THE DREAM (Extended Super remix) / Mickey

The third disk contains...

  1. [Beast Wars II] GET MY FUTURE / Cyber Nation Network
  2. [Beast Wars II] SILENT MOON / Cyber Nation Network
  3. [Beast Wars II] SUPER VOYAGER / Cyber Nation Network
  4. [Beast Wars II] Thank You, Mama / Cyber Nation Network
  5. [Beast Wars II] Yume no iru basho / Jun Yoneya
  6. [Beast Wars II] Konna kimochi / Jun Yoneya
  7. [Beast Wars II] GET MY FUTURE (Full Power Trance Mix) / Cyber Nation Network
  8. [Beast Wars II] SUPER VOYAGER (Universal Doctor Mix) / Cyber Nation Network
  9. [Beast Wars II LioConvoy kikiippatsu! (Movie)] SPACE DREAMER ~Harukanaru Beast Wars~ / COA
  10. [Beast Wars II LioConvoy kikiippatsu! (Movie)] MY SHOOTING STAR / COA
  11. [Beast Wars Metals (Movie)] Hajimari no Uta / Seiji Katsu, Kenzou Isurugi
  12. [Beast Wars Metals (Movie)] Hateshinai Kono SORA e / Seiji Katsu, Kenzou Isurugi
  13. [Beast Wars Gekitotsu! Beast Senshi (Movie)] Hello! Toughness / Seiji Katsu, Kenzou Isurugi
  14. [Beast Wars Neo] Love For Ever -Kimi wo mamoru tame ni- / M.C.R.
  15. [Beast Wars Neo] DaDaDa / M.C.R.
  16. [Beast Wars Neo] Te no Naka no Uchuu / Hitomi Yuuki
  17. [Beast Wars Neo] magique musique / Hitomi Yuuki

The fourth disk contains...

  1. [Beast Wars Metals Convoy Daihenshin! (Movie)] Ano Yume no Kanata e / COA
  2. [Beast Wars Metals Convoy Daihenshin! (Movie)] WA! WA! Wonderland / COA
  3. [Beast Wars Metals] Tamashii no Evolution / Hironobu Kageyama
  4. [Beast Wars Metals] Ba Bi Bu Be Beast Wars / Hironobu Kageyama, Ba Bi Bu Be Bombers
  5. [Beast Wars Metals] Sennen no Soldier / Hironobu Kageyama
  6. [Beast Wars Metals] HALLELUYAH / Hironobu Kageyama, Mitsuko Horie
  7. [Transformers: Car Robot] Honoo no Overdrive ~Car Robot Cybertron~ / Kouji Wada
  8. [Transformers: Car Robot] Kimi Iro no Yume / Kouji Wada
  9. [Transformers: Car Robot] Marionette / Mami Nishikaku
  10. [Transformers: Car Robot] Midnight Cinderella / Mami Nishikaku
  11. [Transformers: Micron Densetsu] TRANSFORMER -Dream Again- / Psychic Lover
  12. [Transformers: Micron Densetsu] Mune Ippai no… / Psychic Lover
  13. [Transformers: Micron Densetsu] Never Ending Road / Psychic Lover
  14. [Transformers: Micron Densetsu] NO NAME HEROES / Psychic Lover
  15. [Transformers: Micron Densetsu] Transformers ~Koutetsu no Yuuki~ / Hideaki Takatori
  16. [Transformers: Micron Densetsu] Don’t Give Up!! / Psychic Lover
  17. [Transformers: Micron Densetsu] SURVIVAL / Psychic Lover

The last disk contains...

  1. [Transformers - Superlink] Taiyou no transform!! / Hiroshi Kitadani
  2. [Transformers - Superlink] Calling you/ Takayoshi Tanimoto
  3. [Transformers - Galaxy Force] CALL YOU… Kimi to Boku no Mirai / Shinji Kakijima
  4. [Transformers - Galaxy Force] Itsumo / Tomoka Issei
  5. [Transformers - Galaxy Force] IGNITION – Ignition! / CHINO
  6. [Transformers - Galaxy Force] Growing up!! / Shinji Kakijima
  7. [Beast Wars Returns] Megatron Ondo / Yukio Hibariya
  8. [EXTRA TRACK Beast Wars Karaoke Collection] WAR WAR! STOP IT
  9. [EXTRA TRACK Beast Wars Karaoke Collection] FOR THE DREAM
  10. [EXTRA TRACK Beast Wars Karaoke Collection] GET MY FUTURE
  11. [EXTRA TRACK Beast Wars Karaoke Collection] SUPER VOYAGER
  12. [EXTRA TRACK Beast Wars Karaoke Collection] Yume no iru basho
  13. [EXTRA TRACK Beast Wars Karaoke Collection] Love For Ever -Kimi wo mamoru tame ni-
  14. [EXTRA TRACK Beast Wars Karaoke Collection] Te no Naka no Uchuu
  15. [EXTRA TRACK Beast Wars Karaoke Collection] Tamashii no Evolution
  16. [EXTRA TRACK Beast Wars Karaoke Collection] Ba Bi Bu Be Beast Wars
  17. [EXTRA TRACK Beast Wars Karaoke Collection] Sennen no Soldier
  18. [EXTRA TRACK Beast Wars Karaoke Collection] HALLELUYAH

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